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Create stunning forest landscapes with this 4-piece, 6x6 stencil set. Each stencil is carefully designed to help you effortlessly create a realistic forest scene. The set includes one tree line and four trees, allowing you to easily layer them to achieve depth and dimension in your artwork. With the included masking stencil, you can ensure precise placement of the individual trees without worrying about ink blending mistakes. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to beautiful results with this helpful stencil set.

 Each stencil is designed to be durable and reusable, ensuring that you can enjoy countless crafting sessions with these stencils. Use dye inks, hybrid inks, pigment inks, airbrushing, paste, and gels. After each use, it is recommended to wash the stencils immediately and allow them to air dry, so they are ready for your next project. Let your creativity run wild and bring the beauty of the outdoors into your projects with our Forest Landscape Stencil Set.

Forest Landscape Stencil Set

SKU: 8601509821171
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