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"Dazzle Them with Color: Unique Rainbow Birthday Card with White Space"

Hi friends - Alanna back on the blog today with you. Are you a passionate crafter looking to add a spark of creativity to your handmade cards? If you're seeking inspiration and new ideas to elevate your card-making skills, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll delve into exciting techniques and products that will take your crafting journey to the next level.

The Retro Stripe Layering stencils provides you with the tools to create intricate and beautifully layered designs effortlessly. These versatile stencils offer endless possibilities for crafting unique cards every time. By blending different hues seamlessly, you can create eye-catching backgrounds that serve as the perfect canvas for your sentiments and embellishments. As I did with my card, you can create a rainbow effect. Or maybe you want all the stripes to be the same color. Another option would be to create an ombre effect with multiple shades of one color.

Some simple stamping done with one of the images from the Alice's Story - Honeysuckle stamp set was added using the arch stencil from the Retro Stripe Layering stencils as well to keep the stamping inside the arch. No masking paper needed with these fun stencils.

What's a card without heartfelt sentiments? Incorporating happy and uplifting messages into your designs can brighten someone's day and make your creations even more meaningful. Let your creativity shine through as you pair cheerful sentiments with your meticulously crafted cards. I used the Happy Layering die set and also added a supporting sentiment which is from the Alice's Story - Honeysuckle set.

And to finish off the card, some Pink Pearl Iridescent Confetti Sequins were sprinkled throughout the card.

Crafty hugs! ~ Alanna

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome card!❤️

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